Or-ga-nazm /or gan az um/ n.  1. the total bliss experienced in the midst of getting organized.  2. the climax of completing an organizing task or project.

Our Book

Welcome!  We are The Organazm Ladies and we are so happy you’re here.  We are professional organizers who adore working with our clients to help them discover new ways to organize their paper, time and stuff so they can relax more and stress less.  And we thought what better way to help stressed-out people everywhere than to spread our love of organizing without scolding, without shame and without judgment through our new book, "50 Shades of Organizing…Your Life".


Yes, our book is just a little sassy but it contains down-to-earth, meaningful organizing tips, ideas and methods that anyone can use right away. We know that smart, capable women sometimes just need a little inspiration and confidence building to help them create the life they envision for themselves. 


Let The Organazm Ladies help you get control over the chaos in your life with "50 Shades of Organizing…Your Life".

Reading "50 Shades of Organizing…Your Life" will take you through a journey of fun and easy ideas that will make you feel great!  We don’t promise getting organized is better than sex.  But we do think you’ll love the feeling you get when you have an organazm on a regular basis!

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